Why you should love Yoghurt passionately

Why you should love Yoghurt passionately?

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In the series of “diet food,” yogurt is high. Cottage cheese is at the heart of many methods to lose weight. Why eat yogurt? What are their benefits? How to enjoy it better?

What is Yoghurt exactly?

Yogurt is a living product because it is fermented milk obtained through the action of two live bacteria. Consuming dairy products per day three; yogurt is rich in calcium, which helps skeletal ossification and is therefore highly recommended for children, teenagers, or older people. Rich in animal protein and lipid relatively poor, it reduces gastrointestinal infections; it helps improve the immune system.

Why is Yoghurt good for your health?

It is estimated today that fermented milk has a probiotic effect (consumption leads to ingesting many live bacteria that have beneficial effects on the body beyond traditional nutritional products). It is most often bacteria or yeast in foods. In the case of fermented milk, it is lactic ferments.

Benefits of Yoghurt

Better digestibility of milk

The lactose in yogurt is more easily digested than milk because it is partially processed. Replacement of milk with Yoghurt then leads to better absorption and increased tolerance to lactose in people with an intolerance to sugar primary or secondary intolerance in persistent diarrhea.

Faster healing diarrhea

The use of fermented milk in the prevention or treatment of diarrhea is an ancient practice. Yogurt, milk fermented by bifidobacteria, or a combination of yogurt ferments and a strain of Lactobacillus casei allow faster healing for some specific diarrhea and on the doctor’s advice.

Accelerate slow transits

Slow intestinal transit could be partially corrected in women who regularly consume fermented milk rich in bifidobacteria. In contrast, no effect is observed with yogurt.

A good nutrient

Yogurt contains calcium, potassium, protein, and vitamins.

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