Weight loss doesn’t have to mean deprivation

Many advice against snacking, and rightly so, but when done right having a healthy snack might be just what the doctor ordered.

“Mindfully snacking can help keep hunger at bay, and it can even help fuel your metabolism,” says Katie Cavuto, M.S., R.D., the dietician for the Phillies and the Flyers. All you need to do is choose the right snacks and the right time to have them, because if you snack on a bag of chips and a smoothie then there is no way you’d lose any weight at all. First rule of snacking, keep it under 200 calories since “snacking doesn’t equal weight loss if you make unhealthy food choices or consume too much.” Says Cavuto.

The second would be to forget about what people say, because some say you can’t snack between breakfast and launch while others say you must eat at 4pm. While in reality there are no rules, just let the food from the previous meal get digested and don’t snack when you’re not hungry.

Some people tend to snack just because they heard it is good for you to eat at a certain time but that’s not how it works, your body will let you know when you need to eat. But, if you’re one of those who are so busy that you forget about eating; you should probably set a timer for your snacks so you can be sure to have something to fuel your energy tank.

Another rule would be about the quality of your snack, try to include the important nutrients such as protein, fiber and healthy fats, so you can get the energy along with a feeling of satiety “You want to choose foods that are nutrient dense and will fuel your body while satisfying your cravings,” says Cavuto. You can either have roasted chickpeas or kale chips that have been drizzled with olive oil or a piece of fruit with nuts or a hardboiled egg. However if you don’t have the time to make any of these, Cavuto also recommends Kind bars.

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