The madness of sugar – Why do we usually get hyper by sugar?

Sugar gets into our bloodstream very quickly. Our body uses the sugar in our blood to do work; it’s our body’s energy source. Soon after this hyper feeling subsides, you go waaay down. Sleepy, tired, run-down.

Why shouldn’t we take too much sugar?

Because in sugar it is a 100% carbohydrates and nothing else, that is to say, no inorganic salts, vitamins, trace elements, anti-free radicals. If you eat a lot of sugar is bound to be less hungry for other foods (especially vegetables) and more or less long term, there will inevitably be gaps. More excessive consumption of sugar causes the production of too many triglycerides in the blood which favors the occurrence of cardiovascular events.
Sugar can be useful in a competition, but in real life it is a food that has no nutritional value.

Tips on how to become hyper

Music makes you feel better

Turn up your favorite music and sing and dance all along with it. You will feel good and alive is short time.

Plan some activities

Call some friends and get out!! Being in good company, chatting will surely give you some energy and make you in a better mood.

Hydrate yourself

Drink plenty of water to ensure that you stay hydrated. Being dehydrated leaves you feeling like you have no energy at all. Getting hyper and staying that way means making sure your body is fully hydrated and ready to go.

Do some exercise

Get out for a quick jog and do a few push-ups; it will stimulate the blood flow to your brain and make
you feel healthfully hyper.

Coffee shots

Drink a few shots of coffee and some chocolate it’s like having a snack with a small amount of fat. It will give you a boost of energy.

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