Khloe Kardashian’s fantastic health tip for weight loss to try right now

If you follow Khloe Kardashian on Instagram, you’ll notice her constant pictures of the workouts she does. Of course, someone with celebrity status must work hard to maintain her body and image. In a recent photo that received thousands of comments, she shared with her followers (and I am one of them) what she called […]

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Stay super-skinny like Victoria Beckham.

Ex-Spice Girl working as fashion designer Victoria Beckham and a mum of 4 beautiful children, this woman keeps her fans wondering: How does victoria Beckham manage to keep that perfect thin body?!! How to maintain a Size 0 – “Posh” Secret? Running obsession Victoria Beckham revealed her secret to maintaining her super-skinny physique is “Running.” Victoria […]

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I hate the gym. And the gym hates me back. It’s a mutual hate-hate relationship

I wouldn’t say I like the gym. And the gym hates me back. It’s a mutual hate-hate relationship. I have terrible form and the upper body strength of a dented paper clip. But I have strong legs. I’m good at going uphill and climbing things. So I hike like nobody’s business; by nobody’s business, I […]

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The chef, who stands 6'1", admits that slimming down hasn't come easy.

Graham Elliot: Weight is something I’ve battled all my life

The Chicago-based chef, who underwent surgery for a sleeve gastrectomy on July 16, has already lost much weight. “I started [weighing] 396 and now at 340. That’s even better than expected,” the MasterChef judge, 36, tells PEOPLE. “I feel amazing. I have a lot more energy,” he adds. “I can play tag with my 6-year-old […]

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Christina Aguilera knows how to make her haters eat their words.

Christina Aguilera shows off weight loss at the ‘Voice’ event.

The returning coach turned heads at a media event when she rocked the carpet in a tight pink minidress that revealed a new, fit figure. Christina Aguilera knows how to make her haters eat their words. The returning “The Voice” coach turned heads at an NBC press event in Beverly Hills on Saturday, July 27, […]

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How to Lose it 2% a time ?

How to Lose it 2% at a time?

Lose it 2% at a time; losing 5 or 3 pounds is a good achievement. Now, you have success, momentum & a new goal. Weight daily & on two spike-ups, check what went wrong & fix it. Then, repeat. To check what went wrong, you will need a journal\log of food, drink, sleep, etc. Eating […]

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How to long term weight loss that you could maintain forever ?

How to long term weight loss that you could maintain forever?

In 2004 I was 200 lbs at 5’2 “. In 2006, I was 140. By 2008, I was 118 (too low). Now I am between 125-130, and I wear a size 4-6. For me, I didn’t want to be a “marathon” loser. I didn’t want to lose much weight in a short period. I wanted […]

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Weight Loss Tips: Extreme Fat burning Idea

Fat burning is among the most well-liked health and wellness objectives around. At some point in our lives, many wish to drop weight, whether to suit a smaller-sized outfit dimension or merely obtain healthier. Unfortunately, I have existed myself, and regardless of your beginning factor, it can easily be a difficult target to reach. It’s […]

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Victoria Beckham The New Mum with the perfect shape – Wonder how She does it?

Having a new baby doesn’t just affect your life; it also changes your body. So how do celebrity mums like Victoria emerge from the hospital looking like they were never even pregnant? After giving birth to Baby Harper: “The most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen,” as her mummy said, Victoria made sure to […]

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Victoria Beckham's Slim Figure - How Does She Do It?

Victoria Beckham’s Slim Figure – How Does She Do It?

Victoria Beckham is a prestigious fashion designer known for her unique and beautiful line of clothing and her stunning good looks and slim, trim figure. Thousands of women think of her in awe and jealousy, wanting to know her secrets. How does she look so good every day? How does she keep her figure trim […]

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Gwyneth Paltrow

Super slim-downs’ of ‘Super stars

Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Beyonce, Kendra Wilkinson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham… We all heard the news of their pregnancy. But why, whenever we see them again after delivery, do they seem like they have never been pregnant?!! On average, it takes a new mom just as many months to take off the baby’s […]

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How to Get back your flat belly ?

Burn your belly fat and get back to flat

Belly fat is the most dangerous fat type and a terrible health indicator. Yet, so many people are desperate and ask how to get rid of their fat bellies. Thankfully belly fat isn’t that hard to lose. Here are a few tips to help you regain the good old days. How do you Get back […]

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