The breakfast meal in morning is primordial to children, and unfortunately too often neglected or absent. When our children get up in the morning their bodies need a refuel of energy, so they can be in shape all day.

A good breakfast is essential, in particular to avoid the 10-11 am relapse causing fatigue, difficulty concentrating.

Why do we skip breakfast ?

Well the most of the time, the reasons that make children skip breakfast are almost all the same in the whole world:

  • Luck of time
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sometimes it’s the parents fault too; some parents neglected their children breakfast.

What to eat at breakfast ?!!

  • Cereals and derivatives group for the energy required to noon: bread, crackers, and cereals.
  • Pastries and biscuits are both very fat and sugar. They are advising occasionally for fun.
  • A knob of butter (fat) provides flavor and vitamin A.
  • A reasonable amount of sweet jam, honey can also be added to the bread.
  • A source of calcium must be present for proper bone growth. We will have to table a dairy product: milk, yogurt, cheese.
  • It should also rehydrate the body with a drink, hot or cold.

Finally, it is important to take plenty of vitamins C and simple sugars with fruit or natural fruit juice (100% fruit).

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