I love my kid « I make sure he eats well and do some activities »

I love my kid « I make sure he eats well and do some activities »

Healthy eating and physical activity help children grow learn and develop muscles and bones strong. As parent or caregiver, you can give them an example by having positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle.
The healthy food choices and regular physical activity practice can help children to have a healthy weight and to prevent health problems.

The benefits of eating well

Eat a bit of everything and reasonably. Four meals a day, sitting in a quiet family as soon as possible.

  • Five servings of fruits or vegetables per day.
  • A few starchy with every meal.
  • Meat or fish once a day (no more).
  • Milk or a milk product three times a day.
  • Breakfast with a cereal product, a dairy and fresh fruit
  • One sample per day: that of the afternoon (limited in time and quantity).
  • No snacking in-between meals

Activities to promote a healthy lifestyle among children

Children of all ages benefit from the physical activity they do on a daily basis. Activities such as :

  • Running
  • Cycle
  • Climbing stairs
  • Basketball

help them stay in shape, have fun, make them happy and improve their self-confidence and their ability to learn and attention.

To promote health, youth aged 5 to 17 years should do every day at least 60 minutes of physical activity of moderate intensity high. This should include:

  • High intensity activities at least three days a week.
  • Activities to strengthen muscles and bones at least three days a week.
  • Indulge every day more physical activity leads to more health benefits.

Your child needs you

As a parent, it is your responsibility to move your children. A good trick is to give them a good
example. If your children see you make physical activity a priority, they will take note. Research
shows that active parents have active children. Same thing for the food!!

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