Victoria Beckham’s Slim Figure – How Does She Do It?

Victoria Beckham's Slim Figure - How Does She Do It?

Victoria Beckham is a prestigious fashion designer that is known for not only her unique and beautiful line of clothing, but also for her stunning good looks and slim, trim figure. Thousands of woman think of her in awe and jealousy, wanting to know all of her secrets. How does she look so good each and every day? How does she keep her figure trim and petite without fail?

Victoria Beckham doesn’t just laze around day after day – she works to keep that perfect body and aura of beauty that surrounds her. Every week, without fail, this fashion designer extraordinaire works out her body, 6 days a week. On top of these strenuous bursts of activity, Victoria also sticks to a very rigorous diet in order to look her best every day of the year.

So – what does this exercise and diet regimen involve?

  • Every day Victoria Beckham takes a run on the treadmill. This run is no short sprint. Instead, Victoria takes a four to six mile run on the treadmill to keep lean and toned.
  • Victoria Beckham not only runs on the treadmill every day, but she also uses weights to enhance lean muscles. She spends extra time focusing on her abs, as she feels like her center is a problematic area for her.
  • The fashion designer feels insecure about her bum, according to sources. To combat this feeling of insecurity, every morning, Victoria does a backside shaping routine consisting of Pilates and vigorous squats.
  • Victoria Beckham doesn’t like to consume carbs, especially refined ones such as white breads, pasta, and other white grains. She thinks that they are the enemy and very bad for a healthy, lean body.
  • Instead of consuming carbs and refined products like most of us indulge in, Victoria Beckham tries to fit in a lot of super foods into her diet. These foods include things like fish, blueberries, avocado, acai berries, and greens.
  • Sources say that Victoria Beckham occasionally indulges herself by having a small portion of brown rice, but otherwise her diet is very controlled.

As you can tell, Victoria Beckham isn’t a miracle worker who naturally stays lean and beautiful eating whatever she wants. She is just like you and me, and puts in a lot of work to ensure a beautiful body. Maybe we should take some pointers from her?

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  1. its much easier for victoria beckham with her own gym available .i work 12 hour shifts and although working in the city centre do not live near a gym .i also have a very physical job which is a problem doing another work out on top of my long shifts .

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