Raw Oysters professional eating

Oyster eat : Raw Oysters professional eating

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For those who like it, raw oysters are delicious. But very hard to open!! How to eat raw oysters?

Cleaning step

Rinse and scrub the shells.

Opening step

  • Position the lock near the knife.
  • Insert the tip of the knife between the “lock” of the oyster (between the two shells).
  • Applying a rotary movement of the blade while pushing in spurts.
  • The lock releases and two separate valves. We end clearance without damaging the oyster and avoiding its runs.
  • Loosen the muscle by pushing the blade blunt of the oyster knife.

The oyster can be eaten raw with or without lemon or hot.

How to eat Raw Oysters?

You must detach the oyster from the shell without cutting the nerve before eating.

Do I have to shew?

Just swallow the oyster by putting a line in the mouth and chewing a bit.

How to season it?

To season, a shot of pepper, a dash of lemon juice, or just two drops of Tabasco is ideal.

Good appetite!!!


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