Salty foods and too much weight giving our kids high blood pressure

More American kids have high blood pressure.

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No kid, save for some unavoidable condition, should have high blood pressure, but the rate among eight to 17-year-olds has climbed a stroke-inducing 27 percent over 13 years.

According to a National Nutrition Examination Survey, 19.2 percent of our special little guys and 12.6 percent of American girls have elevated blood pressure, which leads to cardiovascular problems, heart attack, and organ damage. Experts blame this trend squarely on kids chowing down on too many salty snacks and being too husky, with more than a third now overweight.

The solution is for parents to educate themselves and take control of what their children eat! Teach them to make good choices. Take the extra few minutes daily to pack your kid’s lunch instead of buying the crap they sell in the cafeteria. Put a fruit bowl on the kitchen table for snacks instead of Cheetos. Just say no to the drive-through. Back away from the TV. Drink water instead of juice or soft drinks. Most of these simple changes will not only save you money now in food costs but will also save you money later in fewer trips to the doctor. A lot of health benefits come from just simplifying our lives. We are so busy chasing the God Almighty dollar that we kill ourselves. Sometimes less really is more.

Stop feeding them crap and take an active role in their lives instead of plopping them in front of an Xbox with a handful of Twinkies, you degenerates! Experts lay blame on the kids?! Experts?!?! Lay the blame on the parents that, as the article next to this one suggests, have no genuine desire to raise kids properly once they realize how difficult it is. Kids only do what you allow them or teach them to do. What do you think your kids will do if you eat burgers and fries six days per week and watch 8 hours of TV daily? Douche…

Who is at fault for the salty snacks? Someone is buying them and bringing them home for the kids to eat.

Step away from the snacks and play! Better yet, mom, don’t buy salty snacks; make it a once-in-while treat instead!

I was lucky growing up where I did, plenty of things to do outside. The only salty snacks we had was popcorn and not every day either.

Bad parenting and lack of exercise. I was NEVER in the house when I was a kid. Today, kids are never outside.

Not the food. It is bad parenting, being lazy, and not feeding your kids right while giving into their lazy lifestyle of video games and television. Instead, provide them directly and get outside for exercise.

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