« Posh » Victoria Beckham – Fit in Size 0 again

« Posh » Victoria Beckham – Fit in Size 0 again

Last year in July, the fashion icon Victoria Beckham gave birth to a little girl named Harper Seven. Looking stunning after her post-baby just eight weeks after giving birth to her fourth child.

Vicky has whipped her fan’s curiosity by showing off her post-baby photo shoot just six months after delivery. Of course, she would have had to wait six weeks after delivering Harper via cesarean section before exercising.

She explained:

I worked out a lot. I ran a lot. I did it six days a week.

I become quite obsessive when I get into something.’ Being a fashion designer doesn’t seem to serve as a job to mum “Posh” Mrs. Beckham also revealed how she elongates her frame with her designs, which consist of figure-hugging material and flattering cuts.

It turns out that working as a fashion designer has its benefits!! Those little tricks have undoubtedly helped her achieve the svelte look she showed off in New York last year.

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