What should you eat if you get hungry late at night?

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Yes, you work with computers, and you have dinner around 8 pm, and at 1 am, you feel starving; you don’t want to eat junk food and spoil your health, but you still want to taste. Ideally, you want to feel like eating wafers or potato chips, but you don’t mind a banana or apple.
It’s crazy!

Great for late-night cravings

  • Celery and almond butter OR dark chocolate (85%+) and peanut butter. The ingredients can also help you to fall asleep easier.
  • Proteins and fats will help put you to sleep.
  • Cheese and almonds are good choices.
  • Try some almonds or pistachios. They are a good source of protein but lower in fat than other nuts…
  • Sugar-free Jello is always an excellent late-night snack. It tastes good with minimal guilt.
  • Alternatively, a fistful of mixed nuts with water is also a good choice.
  • You can also opt for some low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese.

You cannot eat whatever you think. Late at night, the body starts digestion, and if you can’t control your cravings, you can have light food. Foods like fruits and nuts can be great to consume during these periods. Don’t end up having a heavy meal. This can affect the digestion process. These light foods not only help to control the cravings but also benefit in creating satiety in the stomach, which aids in feeling fuller in a smaller span of little consumption.

Regardless of what you eat (if you eat), drink a whole glass of water at night. That alone should go a long way to keep you feeling full and generally hydrated, which is always good.

Slow-releasing proteins are significant, like cottage cheese (Don’t go with low fat as they add extra sugars) and quark with nut butter. Oats, water, and cinnamon (to blunt insulin) are also great if you’re training am. However, this one depends on your daily carb intake and goal.

Whenever you feel hungry, wash some carrots and cut the tomatoes in half. In a mixing bowl, put both of them, add salt to taste, and a little bit of red pepper, a pinch. Mix everything WITH HANDS. You have a low-calorie, healthy, late-night snack.


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