I've found an effective diet that may work for you

How to lose weight for 6’2, male, 52, 270.1 lbs?

Two and a half weeks ago, I weighed 261; today, I weigh 249, so 12 pounds down in 13 days. I’ll have lost 5 or 6 more by the end of the week and be below 200 soon. I am not much on exercise, but I’ve found an effective diet that may work for you.

The framework is few to no carbs all week and taking the weekend off. So eat whatever you want from Friday at 5 pm through Sunday lunch.

The weekday diet is basically.

Breakfast = eggs, bacon, Canadian bacon or steak, as much salad as you want, black coffee, or plain tea.

Lunch = Salads with no croutons or sweet dressings; add chicken, fish, or steak. The Wendy’s Cobb salad works fine if you are in a hurry. Again, only water, unsweetened tea, or black coffee. Count carbs, and the count must be

If you must snack, eat nuts or cheese or jerky

Dinner = meat and root veg, any except potato. No bread or pasta. Oddly enough, you can have strawberries or raspberries and the odd vodka and tonic. With a high protein, low carb diet, make an extra effort to get a low carb, vegetable fiber to keep your throughput at a reasonable level.

Stick with it. By the second day, you enter ketosis and lose 1+ pounds of fat daily. Keep counting the days until the weekend. You may gain a pound over the weekend, but you’ll be back on track for a net loss by Monday evening.

Usually, as you diet, your body begins to hold onto every calorie, but when you break things up with a giant pizza on Saturday, it gets confused and keeps dropping weight.

This weekend, I had biscuits, tortillas, cake, fries, and beer. I gained 1.4 pounds by 11 pm on Monday; I was back to my pre-weekend weight.

If you can keep this up for a quarter and keep hydrated, take supplements as needed, and get in some walking, you could hit 210 by early fall.

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