Does GM Diet work for everybody ?

GM Diet

I never believed in dieting. For me, exercise was everything. It was more because I couldn’t control my cravings than the dieting itself. But one day, when at a lavish dinner gathering, one of my acquaintances talked about GM diet and my curiosity was aroused. I searched for it and came across a wonderful site, where I read comments and feedback of other GM diet followers; and I was amazed to know that it worked.

The menu for the seven-day diet was also interesting. Fruits, vegetables, a lot of water are to be taken in the initial days, and then gradually, proteins and carbohydrates are added to the diet. It was amazing!

I didn’t think that I would last the seven days, but my will power was more persuasive than I thought. Every day, I told myself that if I have come this far, I can go further. The first two days were testing as it fatigued me and made my migraine alive. The every-hour visit to the bathroom because of the 10 glasses of water/per day was all the more irritating. But, as they say, no pain no gain, or rather no pain, no loss- weight I mean! Every day went on well from the third day, though curbing cravings was the most difficult part. My munching was gone, my snacks-dinner was gone, but then, my determination remained my companion throughout.

Before I knew it, the seven days were through. By the end of the seven days, not only did I lose 10 pounds, I lost a lot of appetite too, which obviously was good. My intake of food has pretty much decreased since then.

I am no advertiser of the GM diet, nor am I being paid by GM for spreading the word, but I just thought that it was worth a try. GM diet though does not reduce weight for everybody, it does cleanse the body and you feel good and light throughout and by the end of it too. At least some diet does work!! At least for me it did!

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