How to eat more often and lose weight ?

How to eat more often and lose weight ?

Indulgence and weight loss are two enemies who would never get along together! It is natural; the other doesn’t appear when one is around.

On a serious note, eating what you want and whenever you want is indulgence. It is not heard in the history of humanity that you eat so much and still lose weight. But then, there is a method to this madness too. Small meals!

Yes, small meals! Plan what you want to eat, keeping your calories in mind. Divide it into six portions and set aside a timetable. Eat every two-three hours, and you will feel satiated. This way, your insulin production is less, and you don’t feel hungry, trying to grab a snack in between meals. Even if you ever have a snack between meals, see to it that it is healthy, like a fruit!

Studies show that people who eat a heavy breakfast, skip lunch, or eat a late lunch, with 4-5 hours in between, tend to eat more. And this is the beginning of the accumulation of fat in the body. Therefore, you should rather divide your breakfast into two, eat within a gap of two hours, and by the time you need to have lunch, you are not that hungry and tend to eat less. Your afternoons also don’t get dull, nor would you feel lethargic.

Don’t ever think of skipping your evening snack! Instead, have a healthy snack that keeps your tummy total until dinner time. That way, you don’t have an empty stomach from lunchtime to dinner, a tremendous gap of about 5 hours. The acids in your stomach would churn and growl too!

You could divide your dinner into two, spacing it by two hours. That way, you won’t eat your early dinner and have a midnight snack. However, midnight snacks are dangerous to health as you don’t have enough time to digest them before bed. And hence, have to be avoided.

Losing weight is not the only criterion in this small meal plan; staying healthy is also included. For example, if you eat small meals and eat more often, you will never have acidity problems, nor will you get ulcers in the stomach!

Eat light, eat often, balance your weight, and stay healthy!

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