Drink when you’re thirsty because your body knows best

Drink when you're thirsty because your body knows best

A lot of tips on how to stay hydrated, how to drink more water, how to make drinking water a useful habit, how to track water intake…

There is no animal on earth that drinks before it is thirsty. The original study included all the water in all the food and beverages consumed, which is, as you know, mostly water. The bottle water companies are the big promoters of this nonsense. If you are working out and or hard or it is particularly hot extra water makes sense – dah. If you want to know if you need some extra water check your urine, if it is dark have some water. Otherwise drinking all the “recommended” water is crazy and you will waste a lot of time in the bathroom.

“Thirst” is the initial response of human body to dehydration. When the total body water (TBW) started become less then our brain send signal to the salivery glands in our mouth to reduce saliva production. This one we can feel immediately. But, there are number of signals like that generated when TBW becomes less. Some of them are actually not very beneficial for the body system.

“Drink water when you are thirsty ” sounds like, eat only when you are hungry or slip into your winter cloth when you have hypothermia.

Eating when I am hungry makes perfect sense to me. Being hungry does not mean starving and being thirsty does not mean being severely dehydrated.

The example with winter clothes is not very relevant, but if you want to compare water with clothes, how about that: I have a sweater in my backpack just in case it is cold. If I feel cold, I take it out and put it on. Does feeling cold mean hypothermia? I don’t think so.

A tiny discomfort of feeling hungry, thirsty or cold is enough to make you get some food, water or warm clothes.

I have a 20L water bottle within 2 meters of reach. When I feel like drinking water, I pour a glass and drink. But I don’t think that forcing myself to drink 2 liters of simple water every day is necessary.

Our body exactly knows or shows us when we need water, drinking too much water beyond the limit can infact dilute the minerals in your body leading to other serious issues. So if you think you are taking in the right amount then you are good.

Our bodies are composed of 80% water. Our brains need water. Consuming coffee and even tea is not drinking water. What our bodies require is pure filtered or ionized water in addition to the water we get from the foods we consume.

There are many so called ‘studies’, with many estimates, including the often referenced 1945 RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance). RDAs were originally defined to ‘prevent illness’ and continue to be defined as levels to prevent illness. Medical science is all about illness. The 1945 recommendations had nothing to do with optimal health – and everything to do with preventing illness.

There is no attempt, much less agreement on how, to measure healthiness. As a result it is impossible to make any scientific recommendations for optimal healthiness. There are no studies that measure healthiness. Although people often make recommendations for optimal healthiness – none are supported by scientific investigations. It is quite likely, that from a health point of view – the answer is ‘it depends’. Healthiness is about balance, and if some balances change, others need to change for optimal health. If you are an athlete, or desk jockey, or a vegetarian, or on a primarily meat diet, tall or short, fat or thin, sickly or well, – you will need different amounts of water for optimal health.

There is, today, no science of healthiness. Maybe someday.

Most of this fuss followed the internet-maintained old wives tale that we need to drink 2 or 3 liters of water a day.
Almost all foods we consume are over 90% water, and we take in many beverages as well (and no, coffee and tea do not ‘cost’ more water than they add to your system, although alcoholic drinks do seem to).

Some foods, like fruits and many veggies are above 95% water, and in fact, sources like these are where we get most of our water.
Because of salt in the food, or proteins, we may not achieve quite the positive water balance we need from food alone, so some water or similar liquid is indeed often desirable, but w 2 or 3 liters a day?

“If you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated!”

The key is to drink just before when you think you’d be thirsty.

Drink when you’re thirsty. Your body knows best.

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