Ovulation would make women even more irresistible

Ovulation would make women even more irresistible

A woman is likely to steal another woman’s spouse, even more so if she is ovulating. It is a study that says it.

A woman is not necessarily prettier when ovulating but would be more irresistible; this is what a study published in Biology Letters of the British Royal Society reveals. Researchers from the University of Bern (Switzerland) made this discovery.

They asked women to observe their peers by comparing two images to say which women are more beautiful and on which one they are likely to steal their spouse. The result of this study is that, ovulation or not, women are almost equally stunning. However, when ovulating, they feel women are more likely to steal from their spouses.

Even if the signs of ovulation are minimal to spot, women could detect them, i.e., elevated levels of estradiol, a hormone linked to fertility. “Some women seem to be able to subconsciously pick up on the subtle differences that occur in faces at the time of ovulation,” says Janek Lobmaier, the study’s lead author.

While previous studies have found that men are more attracted to women ovulating, this new study reveals that women feel the same sense of danger in their relationships.

Will this study change anything? Not likely. It’s human nature. It is difficult to change anything. There is no shortage of studies on women at their most fertile time; this is just one more.

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